Dear diver,
Please let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Berezinski and since October 2015 I have been living on Bonaire. My diving adventures started during a backpacking travel in South East Asia. In 2007 I got my first diver’s licence in Vietnam. A year later I joined a dive club in The Netherlands. Accompanied by experienced divers and instructors I gained a lot of nice diving experiences in The Netherlands and Belgium.
During the years I got more diver’s licences and specialties and continued diving fanatically with my dive club, during some years all year round. I have also had the opportunity to explore warmer dive locations, for example Egypt, Estartit (Spain), Maldives and the Philippines. All having their own variety of dive locations and beautiful species of coral, fish and other under water life.
During 2013 I made the decision and started making plans to take a sabbatical; just doing something completely different than I used to do. So in January 2014 I travelled to Thailand and Indonesia, where I did the PADI instructor course. After a few detours and having gained new diving experiences in both countries, I returned to The Netherlands after four months.

One year later it was time to continue my plan. After a few applications I could start at one of the dive schools on Bonaire end 2015.
During half a year I made more than 200 dives and discovered the majority of the 85 dive locations here.
By coincidence I could start with another employer. Of course I continued diving on a regular basis in my time off.

But "blood is thicker than water". So during 2017 I started this business BonScuba and have been building it up from scratch. As of 2019 BonScuba has been my fulltime job.

I would be pleased to show you the beautiful under water life of Bonaire during a discover dive or one or more guided dives.

Saludos kordial, kind regards,
Paul Berezinski